Principle Investigators: Chi Zhang and Sha Cao


  • Incoming Ph.D students Jia Wang and Xiao Wang will join the lab in Fall 2022. Welcome to our big family! 07/2022
  • Dr. Chi Zhang received funding from American Cancer Society Research Scholar Award. Congratulation to Dr. Zhang! 04/15/2022
  • Wennan Chang, Changlin Wan, Norah Alghamdi successfully passed final dissertation defense for Ph.D. degree. Congratulation to Dr. Chang, Dr. Wan, and Dr. Alghamdi! 04/2022
  • Wennan Chang accepted offer at Kite Pharma Inc as research scientist. 10/2021
  • Changlin Wan accepted offer at Genentech as AI scientist. 03/2022
  • Xiaoyu Lu accepted offer at Bristol Myers Squibb as bioinformatics scientist. 03/2022
  • Xinyu Zhou received a summer intern offer at AbbVie. 02/2022
  • Dr. Sha Cao has been granted an NSF CISE IIS CAREER AWARD. Congratulation to Dr. Cao! 03/12/2022
  • Dr. Chi Zhang has received tenure and promotion. Dr. Zhang will become a tenured Associate Professor from July 2022. Congratulation to Dr. Zhang! 03/01/2022
  • scFLUX has been lunched. scFLUX server 01/01/2022
  • Dr. Chi Zhang and Dr. Sha Cao serves as a PC member of RECOMB 2022. 09/10/2021
  • SRMR has been accepted by ICDM 2021 as a regular paper. (Acceptance Rate 9.9%, first time submission of the work). Congratulation to Wennan, Pengtao and Changlin! 08/31/2021
  • scFEA has been highlighted by RECOMB 2021 [video], ICIBM 2021, 2021 ICSA Applied Statistics Symposium. 08/2021
  • Our paper ‘Ref-1 redox activity alters cancer cell metabolism in pancreatic cancer: Exploiting this novel finding as a potential target ' has been accepted by Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research. Congratulations to the authors. 07/2021
  • Our paper ‘A graph neural network model to estimate cell-wise metabolic flux using single cell RNA-seq data’ has been accepted by Genome Research. Congratulations to Wennan and Norah! [paper] [github] 07/01/2021
  • Summer intern students Grace Yang, Nonah Meroueh, Shaoyang Huang, Kevin Hu, and Jonathan Yang from 2021 Indianapolis STEM program and Tendo Mubuuke from 2021 IUSM future scientist program joined BDRL. Welcome! 06/2021
  • BDRL organized the “Introduction of R/Python programming and bioinformatics” workshop for high school students from the STEM, SEED, Future Scientist (FSP), and IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center Summer Research (SRP) programs. BDRL members Pengtao Dang, Changlin Wan, Wennan Chang, Chi Zhang and Sha Cao gave 14 lectures in this workshop. [video link] [github] 06/2021